Fumblefree jewellery

Fumbling with jewellery is nerving

• Handling a jewellery-clasp can be a hassle
• It is nerve racking and frustrating
• Annoying how many attempts it takes

We have the solution

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  • We donate at least 1% of our sales to
    charity. The mental health and
    protection of abandoned children is
    one of our most important projects.

  • We use recycled gold and ethically
    sourced gemstones. Our packaging is
    recyclable, recycled and free from
    petroleum plastics.

  • Our jewellery is made
    in GERMANY on the highest standards. Our producer is

Wearing jewellery should be easier. Here’s how.

  • 1 Select a beautiful piece that fits you.
  • 2 Add personal features, if you like.
  • 3 Stop Fumbling. Feel Unique.
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Welcome to Pendalock, the epitome of exceptional jewellery craftsmanship and innovative design. As pioneers in the realm of elegant jewellery, our curated collection spans a rich array of categories, from the entrancing necklaces with pendant to sophisticated bracelets for discerning individuals, and trendsetting earrings that set the gold standard. At the heart of our jewellery ensemble lies our dedication to necklaces with pendant. Each piece, meticulously fashioned, serves as a beacon of our brand’s commitment to beauty and brilliance. Whether it’s the radiant allure of diamond-studded designs or the ethereal charm of zodiac-themed pendants, our necklaces with pendant are the crown jewels of our collection, representing both artistic innovation and time-honoured tradition.


Beyond this, the shine of our gold and silver earrings, the delicate allure of our women’s bracelets, and the masculine statement of our men’s bracelets await your discovery. Infused with our signature ‘fumble-free’ clasp technology, every item in our jewellery range speaks of Dr. Réka Ellrichmann’s visionary ethos, inspired by the Bauhaus principle. Dive into Pendalock’s world, where jewellery isn’t just an accessory but an expression. Let our necklaces with pendant guide you through a realm where tradition meets innovation, and timeless appeal meets contemporary charm.