Diamond necklace gold colour
The No Evil Eyes pendant
Diamond necklace gold colour

The No Evil Eyes pendant




Meet our NO EVIL EYES necklace, inspired by the Nazar Boncugu, a watchful eye that protects its wearer from evil looks. A popular talisman in many cultures, it has been very common since prehistoric times. Do we believe in it? Yes, we love mysterious stories and lucky charms!

Unlock the mysteries of our Secret Necklace !


As fumble-free the clasp, as refined is the PENDALOCK design. At the heart of the brand is a necklace with a clasp that is not just a small detail on the side, but the core of the design. Literally, as a matter of fact. As a centre-positioned pendant, a clever mechanism becomes a piece of jewellery itself. All styles are characterised by a two-tone finish, ultimate ease of wear and timeless elegance.


  • 6 sparkling diamonds ( 0,048 Ct ) for a glamorous look
  • gold PVD finish 
  • the perfect  size for everyday use
  • versatile, dual-tone design
  • Fumble-free secret clasp
  • Pendalock Logo engraving on the back
  • Pendant width ~ 4 mm on the edges / ~ 5,5 mm in the center / diameter~ 14 mm
  • Delivered in a handcrafted, Pendalock present box
  • Designed and made in Germany


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  • Chain material allergy-friendly high quality hardware
  • Material allergy-friendly high quality hardware
  • Diamonds white diamonds WsI
  • Colour gold colour finish PVD

Delivery / Return


-Enjoy free shipping within the EU by joining our insider mailing list before placing your first order
-For other countries additional costs may apply
-You have the right to return the items within 14 working days without any given reason
-The items must be in the same condition and package as delivered
-Please contact us for further detailed information



Cleaning instructions:

Pieces can be cleaned with a wet cloth. Using a brush is not recommended.
Dry completely before polishing with jewellery polishing cloth (specific and adapted – 50% polyester/50% nylon only very soft touch).
If your jewellery is made of ornamental stones, clean it regularly using a soft wet cloth . Let it dry thoroughly each time it is cleaned.
PVD coating and ornamental stones may be damaged by various conditions or practices.

Care instructions:

-Always close the clasp before storing  to avoid knots on the chain.
-Ensure your piece is stored in the box provided at purchase to avoid scratches and debris.
-Store each piece separately to avoid abrasion caused by other jewellery.
-Protect your piece from external shock, as this can affect the setting and the performance capabilities of the clasp.
-We strongly recommend applying fragrances or cosmetics before wearing your jewellery allowing sufficient drying time to avoid direct contact with ornamental stones.
-Avoid exposing your jewellery  to high temperatures.
-Avoid extreme sweating while wearing our jewellery.
-Do not shower, swim or bath with your jewellery since cosmetics, detergents, disinfectant and water might damage the clasp, coating and the ornamental stones.
-For refreshing, polishing services or any other specific care information, please contact a jewellery specialist.

-Slight scratches, especially on polished surfaces, are normal signs of wear and are no reason for complaint. They make your jewellery even more unique and special.
-Scratches  can be prevented by careful handling and storage.


PENDALOCK pendants are made of 316L stainless steel, also known as surgeon’s steel. It provides the jewellery with a lasting, timeless, and monochromatic appeal and a highly polished surface that stays forever attractive. This is also due to its PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) finish, a cutting-edge process used to refine stainless steel. This innovative technology adds a luxurious shine to the jewellery pieces in yellow gold, rose gold or black. The PVD procedure is a completely physical process conducted in a vacuum and at high temperatures, which ensures long-lasting protection against scratches and scrapes, while being environmentally friendly and sustainable, as no harmful chemicals enter the manufacturing process.