Diamond necklace gold color
The secret pendant Diamonds 8.0.
Diamond necklace gold color

The secret pendant Diamonds 8.0.


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Can you keep a secret?

The timeless elegance of our classic pendant is the perfect piece for any occasion. Sometimes the simplest designs make the loudest statements. Soft curves and dual-tone design allow an  easy pairing with any outfit. From everyday wear to opulent parties, effortlessly draw attention and spark conversation with this signature piece.

As fumble-free the clasp, as refined is the PENDALOCK design. At the heart of the brand is a necklace with a clasp that is not just a small detail on the side, but the core of the design. Literally, as a matter of fact. As a centre-positioned pendant, a clever mechanism becomes a piece of jewellery itself. All styles are characterised by a two-tone finish, ultimate ease of wear and timeless elegance.


  • 1 sparkling diamonds ( 0,064 Ct ) for a glamorous look
  • gold color finish 
  • the perfect  size for everyday use
  • versatile, dual-tone design
  • Fumble-free secret clasp
  • Pendalock Logo engraving on the back
  • Pendant width ~ 4 mm on the edges / ~ 5,5 mm in the center / diameter~ 14 mm
  • Delivered in a handcrafted, Pendalock present box
  • Designed and made in Germany
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  • Chain material allergy-friendly high quality hardware
  • Colour gold colour finish PVD
  • Diamonds champagne diamonds
  • Material allergy-friendly high quality hardware

Delivery / Return

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  • for other countries additional costs may apply
  • you have the right to return the items within 14 working days without any given reason
  • the items must be in the same condition and package as delivered
  • please contact us for further detailed information


Cleaning instructions:

  • Pieces can be cleaned with a wet cloth. Using a brush is not recommended.
  • Dry completely before polishing with jewellery polishing cloth (specific and adapted – 50% polyester/50% nylon only very soft touch).
  • If your jewellery is made of ornamental stones, clean it regularly using a soft wet cloth . Let it dry thoroughly each time it is cleaned.
  • PVD coating and ornamental stones may be damaged by various conditions or practices.


Care instructions:

  • Always close the clasp before storing  to avoid knots on the chain.
  • Ensure your piece is stored in the box provided at purchase to avoid scratches and debris.
  • Store each piece separately to avoid abrasion caused by other jewellery.
  • Protect your piece from external shock, as this can affect the setting and the performance capabilities of the clasp.
  • We strongly recommend applying fragrances or cosmetics before wearing your jewellery allowing sufficient drying time to avoid direct contact with ornamental stones.
  • Avoid exposing your jewellery  to high temperatures.
  • Avoid extreme sweating while wearing our jewellery.
  • Do not shower, swim or bath with your jewellery since cosmetics, detergents, disinfectant and water might damage the clasp, coating and the ornamental stones.
  • For refreshing, polishing services or any other specific care information, please contact a jewellery specialist.
  • Please note that Fine Jewellery pieces should only be entrusted to a specialist as these are extraordinary creations that require specific care.



  • Slight scratches, especially on polished surfaces, are normal signs of wear and are no reason for complaint. They make your jewellery even more unique and special.
  • Scratches  can be prevented by careful handling and storage.


PENDALOCK pendants are made of 316L stainless steel, also known as surgeon’s steel. It provides the jewellery with a lasting, timeless, and monochromatic appeal and a highly polished surface that stays forever attractive. This is also due to its PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) finish, a cutting-edge process used to refine stainless steel. This innovative technology adds a luxurious shine to the jewellery pieces in yellow gold, rose gold or black. The PVD procedure is a completely physical process conducted in a vacuum and at high temperatures, which ensures long-lasting protection against scratches and scrapes, while being environmentally friendly and sustainable, as no harmful chemicals enter the manufacturing process.